Flipboard enhances personalized magazines – now you can invite your friends to contribute (video)

June 12, 2013
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Flipboard added the Flip It option earlier this year that lets users create their own magazines to add to the popular online magazine rack. TabTimes created several magazines of its own you can find on Flipboard.

Now you can bring friends in who share your same passion or interest in a subject to broaden the content of your magazine. Your c0-curators will see the magazine in their dashboard as well when they’re using Flipboard.

As editor you can invite anyone to co-curate and, once they’ve responded it’s a quick step to accept their participation or even remove them later if necessary.

TabTimes offers four magazines on Flipboard:

In addition to iPad, you can find TabTimes magazines in the Android version of Flipboard as well.

If you want to be sure to see all TabTimes content on Flipboard, your best option is to subscribe to the TabTimes magazine at http://tabtim.es/flipboard.


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