Flipboard reportedly now worth a whopping $800 million; intends to launch Windows 8 app

September 24, 2013

All Things D broke the news that the company had raised money from investors including Goldman Sachs and Rizvi Traverse Management on Monday, and CEO and co-founder Mike McCue later told TechCrunch that the money will be used for international expansion and to help launch a Windows 8 app.

[Microsoft itself confirmed the new app when announcing the Surface 2 tablets yesterday].

As ZDNet astutely details, the valuation makes Flipboard worth “almost 50%” of the market capital of The new York Times Company, an impressive feat considering the company “produces no content of its own”.

Flipboard confirmed that it has 85 million users across Android and iOS earlier this month and says that its user base has grown 50% in the last six months. The company is also reportedly seeing 200,000 new app downloads each day.


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