Former Facebook CTO launches Quip word processor app for iPad

July 31, 2013
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Taylor and Kevin Gibbs, who also worked on Google Search and Google’s data center technology, have formed Quip, a company which offers a cloud-based word processor for Apple's iPad and Mac.

Having supposedly raised $15 million from venture capitalists, the duo confirmed the news on a blog post and spoke of the company's direction.

“When we decided to build Quip, it was based on the premise that the shift to tablets and phones is so fundamental and so all-encompassing that it dwarfs the sum of all of these features in importance.”

Quip is available for iPad today but an Android app is “in the works”. Described by GigaOM as “Evernote plus Google Docs plus SocialCast/Yammer”, the service lets users create and save documents in folders, and even share these to work colleagues, who can edit in real-time.

The app is much more conclusive than that however. Users can also edit offline, chat with colleagues on a certain document, see recent edits in a document’s news feed and view who’s online.

The app also offers options to work on checklists and to link to people or documents. When changes are made to a document, push notifications will remind other users.

Quip is free for personal use but there is a subscription-based model for businesses with more than 250 users. This comes at a cost of $12 per user per month but does offer a greater array of features, including remote device management.


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