Former Salesforce execs launch AppMesh, a CRM app for iPads

April 9, 2013
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Enter AppMesh, a startup founded by two former Salesforce execs Leo Tanenblat and Tom Tobin.

Available starting today in the App Store, AppMesh is a free customer relationship management app that runs on either the iPad or iPhone.

AllThingsD reports that with AppMesh, data available on one device syncs up across the others using whatever connectivity is available at the time.  You can also export your current data from Salesforce itself, though the company is still working on how to get info from AppMesh into Salesforce.

Other features include synching with calendars and email.

More significantly, the software prioritizes. For example, if one deal is potentially bigger than another, email about the larger deal gets higher position in your inbox.

AppMesh can also track information you’ve collected after a customer visit by tagging it with location data.

A version for Android is also reportedly in the works. 

(The effective use of tablets in the sales process will be the focus of a session at the upcoming Tablet Strategy conference April 30 in New York). 


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