Forrester says businesses will spend $24 billion on iPads until 2014; things not as rosy for Windows 8

January 4, 2013

In its latest research report, the group says that the hardware market struggled to grow in 2012 but expects tablets to drive the PC market to a 4% growth this year.

Part of that would seem to be indebted to Apple, the only vendor to buck poor hardware sales last year, according to Forrester.

The research firm estimates that Apple will sell $7 billion Macs and $11 billion iPads to the corporate market in 2013, with these figures rising to $8 billion and $13 billion respectively the year after.

In an email exchange with TechCrunch, company analyst Andrew Bartels put Apple’s success in the corporate market down to the firm offering good products employees want to use, the best tablet on the market and to being responsive to potential business demand.

However, and contrary to Apple’s success, Forrester thinks that growth for Microsoft and Windows 8 will come at a much slower pace.

The firm says that global corporate spend on Wintel PCs and tablets fell by 4% in 2012 but more worryingly estimates that sales will stay flat in 2013, despite the collection of new Windows 8 desktops, laptops and tablets that have been launched onto the market.

Businesses should start taking Windows 8 devices more seriously in 2014, adds Forrester, with the operating system slated to enjoy an 8% rise in the year.

However, analysts anticipate that the OS will still lag behind Linux, Android and Apple products, which are forecast to enjoy double-digit growth in 2014, with Samsung in particular also gaining some traction with Android tablets in the corporate space.

Away from hardware and Forrester anticipates that business will sell pent-up demand for new technologies in 2013, especially as companies are less restricted by an ‘economic squeeze’ on their IT budgets.


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