Consumer tablets are too fragile for business, says Panasonic-sponsored study

October 23, 2013

Dynamic Markets Ltd recent study covered 500 British workers who use a tablet for work. The results painted a somewhat bleak picture for the longevity of these devices.

Approximately 47% of users said that they had experienced a tablet failure in the past two years, with most issues involving the battery (27%) and the touchscreen (16%).

These issues were brought on by a number of causes, but the most common appears to be when the device was dropped or knocked off a desk (21%). Other problems included liquid spillages (17%) and when the tablet was subject to extreme temperatures (29% of faulty products were left in a hot place, 11% in the cold).

Total immersion in water (11%) was blamed as another reason while, somewhat incredibly, another 11% said that their tablet had been run over by a vehicle.

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As a result, Dynamic Markets says that most tablets were out of action for a 14-day period while they were repaired or replaced.

The research firm was commissioned by rugged tablet maker Panasonic, which has repeatedly made noises about the iPad not being tough enough for business over the last year.

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