Free iOS app called he!p consolidates emergency contact information

April 22, 2012

When you’re injured, lost or in an emergency situation, having your cellphone handy may be all you need assuming you know who to call. He!p is a new app for the iPhone or iPad designed to make it easier to contact exactly who you need. 

Specifically, the he!p app consolidates emergency services information and personal health information, such as blood type and prescription medications. The software takes advantage of the device’s GPS and location services to find the closest ER, pharmacy or police station.

He!p provides access to the following information and contacts: 

  1. Search for nearby police, fire, emergency rooms, and pharmacies and get their contact info and/or driving directions
  2. Store your personal insurance information and prescription history
  3. Organize your prescription information and automatically receive notifications when refills are due
  4. Search product recalls, including those that affect products you own
  5. Store emergency contact information to quickly reach the right people in case of emergency

The app also includes checklists for what to do in the event of an accident. The company says each checklist has vital, time-sensitive steps for treatment and actions to take after car accidents, slips, dog bites and other incidents.

“During an emergency, these devices become the first step to finding help. The he!p app was designed to simplify the process of locating emergency services and communicating pertinent medical information,” said RW Lynch director of marketing Kim Cabot.

While the app is free, it appears to include ads for the publisher’s clients. RW Lynch is a national group marketing platform specializing in TV, web and mobile marketing for personal injury attorneys. A screen shot at a website for the program shows an ad at the bottom of one screen that reads “Injured? Contact us now for a free consultation.” 


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