Future’s T3 iPad app was downloaded nearly 270,000 times last year

February 17, 2012

The report revealed that the number of T3 iPad app downloads via Newsstand reached 269,713 for 2011, but this app is just a free 'container' which houses paid-for issues. The auditors, Bright Grahame Murray, said that paid-for downloads for December hit 16,180 and estimated T3's average monthly sales from June to December to be 14,223.

Unsurprisingly, 98% of the app's readers are male, and the average age is 39. Bright Grahame Murray found that the average income was a wealthy £53,000 ($83,910), and said that the average app dwell time was around 100 minutes.

The company also revealed some interesting figures on tablet advertising, with Renault’s recent video cover wrap attracting 11,800 unique views, an average dwell time of four minutes and more than 4,000 click-throughs. With the company also in talks about bringing interactive ads from Audi and Ford to the fore, the firm said that T3 reader has come to ‘expect interactivity and fun’. “Flat ads get overlooked”, a company executive said.

T3's iPad app was first launched in October of 2010 and features 360-degree, hands-on product photography, along with breaking news, interactive reviews and image galleries. Future offers the app, which is available in the UK and US, free to those who are annual subscribers to the print edition.

Future is also now encouraging media agencies to properly examine the circulation, ad viewing and interactions registered by rival publishers.


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