Future Samsung tablets could have flexible displays and built-in stands

May 17, 2013
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PatentBolt claims that Samsung was recently granted patents for two eye-catching tablet designs; a tablet with a built-in stand and a tablet with a bendable display.

The first patent is nicknamed “Tablet Computer” and has a handle and protective cover, but is somewhat different to the included kickstands seen with Microsoft’s Surface and other tablets. This is because, as the patent reveals, the handle would also be able to prop-up the device.

The second patent is simply named “Tablet PC” and is even more ground-breaking, showing a tablet with a seam across the middle for users to bend a certain portion of the display. The patent images would also seem to suggest that the display could be bended to be used as an impromptu stand.

Samsung certainly has some experience when it comes to building both LCD and OLED displays for TVs, tablets and smartphones. The firm is reportedly set to open a new OLED display factory next year.


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