Future tech: Vision-correcting tablet promises to eliminate the need for reading glasses

August 1, 2014

Scientists are working on a “vision-correcting screen” that would distort to the viewer’s level of vision eliminating the need for reading glasses to use a tablet.

UC Berkeley professor Brian Barsky came up with the idea as part of his optometry research, says a report by Business Insider

The technology relies on complicated software and algorithms that change the light that a screen emits to distort the image a user sees. In the article, Barsky compares it with someone who is wearing sunglasses and struggling to see a smartphone screen. Instead of taking off the sunglasses, the person could just increase the brightness on the screen.

This new technology would alter the image (factoring in more than just brightness) so that the viewer would not need to put on a pair of glasses.

"I am hopeful that this research may have the potential to help people who currently struggle to see displays," Barsky told Business Insider. "Considering how ubiquitous displays are now in our society, not being able to see a screen can be an impediment to holding down a job."

Barsky's team will be presenting a display prototype on Aug. 12 at the International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Vancouver, Canada.

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