Gamers who use Kickstarter apparently don’t like mobile platforms

January 17, 2014
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Plenty of crowdfunding campaigns fail to reach their goals, but Mendheim told Joystiq that his was doomed from the start because of his choice to focus on making the game for tablets and smartphones.

"The backlash to that was just unbelievable," he said, despite the fact that the Kickstarter also mentioned releasing the game on PC, Steam, Xbox Live, and the PlayStation Network in addition to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

By the time the Kickstarter ended in October it had raised less then a fifth of its total goal of $750,000—which Mendheim now recognizes was a very high target to shoot for anyway. Mutant Football League will return to Kickstarter this spring with a new, lower goal and a focus on releasing the game first on PC.

Did tablet gamers just miss out on something that could have been great? More importantly, why the apparent backlash from Kickstarter users? Maybe some gamers still resent the incursion of mobile platforms on home consoles. Anyone else have a theory?


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