Gartner: Mobile apps will be $77B business by 2017 spurred by personalized data streams

January 22, 2014
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But it won't all be about smartphones and tablets; the report by Gartner says apps will get a major boost as they find their way into appliances, cars and wearable devices.

Another key trend to look for –  mobile users providing personalized data streams. Gartner says these streams represent more revenue-generating opportunities with users feeding more than 100 different applications and services every day.

"Mobile apps have become the official channel to drive content and services to consumers," said Gartner research director Brian Blau. "This connection to consumer services means users are constantly funneling data through mobile apps.

"As users continue to adopt and interact with apps, it is their data – what they say, what they do, where they go – that is transforming the app interaction paradigm."

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