Gartner promotes ‘personal cloud’ era, says lines are blurring between tablets, TVs and PCs

October 27, 2011

The market researcher says that we’re now in the era of the personal cloud, where people are increasingly using connected mobile devices to access data and services in the cloud.

“We’re entering a new era of the personal cloud, which is becoming the centre of people’s digital lives”, said Angela McIntyre, in Gartner’s latest webinar – ‘iPad and Beyond: What the future of computing holds’.

“This is not the post-PC era. The PC will be alive and well, but the personal cloud will replace the PC as the location where users access their content. Users are synchronising across multiple connected devices and we’re already seeing people interact with cloud services like Amazon Music, Netflix, Google Docs and Apple’s iCloud”.

Gartner’s David Willis said that consumers are likely to be carrying a tablet, or something influenced by the tablet in future, while McIntyre said that the lines are blurring between internet-connected TVs, all-in-one (AIO) PCs and tablets.

“Gartner has a planning assumption that, by 2015 the biggest difference we’re going to see between a connected TV, AIO PC and tablet may be the screen size”, said McIntyre.


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