German financial firm banks on Windows 8 Pro tablets to keep up with customers

November 11, 2013

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, FinanceTec makes software that helps financial advisers manage customer relationships and investments. The company’s AdWorks product is used by nearly 4,000 financial advisers across the country.

The company recently adopted more than a dozen Samsung ATIV Tab 7 convertible tablets running the Windows 8 Pro operating system to build out its current portfolio and develop additional Windows 8 apps for tablets. It’s a safe bet considering banks are quickly adopting tablets instead of laptops and PCs to engage with customers.

“The laptop forms a wall between financial advisers and their customers, which does not foster the kind of trust and transparency necessary for an investment adviser relationship,” says Harald Dehn, CEO at FinanceTec. “Financial advisers want to run our product on a computer that is not so intrusive, that promotes trust and information sharing with customers.”

While the company knows it faces an ocean of Apple iPads and assorted Android tablets, managers decided to invest heavily in Windows 8 for mobile devices based on the expectation that as many as 30 percent of its customers will upgrade to the Windows 8 Pro version in the next year.

FinanceTec estimates that one developer will be able to modify AdWorks for Windows 8 Pro in about six months, a fraction of the minimum of five years required to rewrite the application for the Android and Apple operating systems.

Currently, 12 to 15 FinanceTec salespeople are using the tablets for sales calls. The devices are all equipped with Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 and BitLocker drive encryption technology.

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