Get more local storage space on your iPad with this free software

February 7, 2013

If you're at this point, perhaps you've also considered deleting some applications. Stop right there because you don't need to do that if you install iMobie's PhoneClean.

This freeware is probably the quickest and simplest way of freeing up local space on your iPad, and the fact that it doesn't cost a dime is an added bonus.

So, what do you need to do to get PhoneClean running? Just go to the company’s website to download PhoneClean (now on version 2.02) for your PC or Mac.

You'll then be taken through the generic download process, and after which you will be asked to connect your iOS device (PhoneClean will also work if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch) to your PC using a 30-pin to USB cable.

Upon doing this, PhoneClean will tell you how much storage you have free on your iDevice (in my case it was 2.11GB free on my 16GB iPad 2) and will then ask you if you want to 'scan' your device for storage-sapping cookies, offline and junk files, as well as media files that may have failed to synchronise.

The scan takes some time skimming through all your files (It took me around 10-15 minutes) but you can minimize the window if there are other things you need to be getting on with.

At the end, PhoneClean simply gives you a message detailing how much storage you have cleared (it saved me 2.19GB, the majority of which was caching and off-line files from news applications). You can then disconnect the cable and begin reusing your iPad.


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