Good Technology CEO: Some businesses panic with BYOD

April 19, 2013

Wyatt recently spoke to Mobile World Live on the challenges going forward in the enterprise mobility space, and paid particularly close attention to the rise of BYOD.

The Good Technology CEO and president, who joined from Motorola in January, said that the trend is still at the start but warned that it may already be scaring big businesses into making the wrong decisions when it comes to managing these personally-owned smartphones and tablets.

Speaking on how IT departments embrace BYOD, Wyatt said:

“People are bringing these devices into work and forwarding their email but IT thinks ‘whoa, whoa, whoa’, I have to come up for a solution for that. So they jump immediately on a device management solution or some easy web-based tool, which is low cost and easy to manage. It seems like a great idea.

“But it’s not until they think about creating apps and start looking at mobile security platforms that they start to realize that these lightweight technologies can’t really make the transition.”

Former Apple executive Wyatt went onto suggest that the future of enterprise mobility management (EMM) lies with mobile application management (MAM), something which has also come recommended from Gartner analysts and other industry observers in recent times.

“Our approach is that it’s a contained environment. You don’t have to sign an agreement with me (Good) and I don’t have to take over your device, I can’t wipe your data and I am not invading your privacy,” said Wyatt.

 “It’s very non-invasive.”


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