Google and Apple are rejecting ‘Flappy Bird’ clones with ‘flappy’ in the name

February 17, 2014

The top charts in both app marketplaces are being dominated by clones trying (and succeeding) to brazenly capitalize on Flappy Bird's success. Oddly, though, this new policy on Apple and Google's part only seems to affect newly submitted games, not games that already exist.

Mobile developer Ken Carpenter said over the weekend that Apple had rejected his game Flappy Dragon, citing a section of the App Store policies that forbids app developers from misleading users. "Your app name attempts to leverage a popular app," says a note reportedly sent to Carpenter by Apple.

Mobile developers Happy Mage and Kuyi Mobile responded to Carpenter on Twitter, saying they had heard of other games being taken down on both Apple's and Google's app platforms. Apparently Google is treating Flappy Bird clones like spam and taking them down with no notice, if some reports from developers are accurate.

But users looking for their Flappy Bird fix need in reality look no further than the ongoing Flappy Jam, a global game development challenge that so far has garnered over 300 submissions paying tribute to the original flapper. [via TechCrunch]


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