Google brings Quickoffice to Android and iPhone users via Apps for Business; where’s Microsoft?

April 4, 2013
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Quickoffice, long available for the iPad, is now out for Google Apps for Business customers as well for Android devices and the iPhone.

“From Word to Excel to Powerpoint, you can make quick edits at the airport or from the back of a taxi and save and share everything in Google Drive,” said Quickoffice product manager Mark Beaton in a blog post.

Beaton also noted Quickoffice uses can now find and use their Google Drive files from within the Quickoffice app. “Sign in with your Google Apps for Business account and your Drive folders view will now include Shared With Me, Starred, Recent and any subfolders,” he said.

Google Apps for Business is available on a subscription basis; there is no extra charge for Quickoffice.

A number of companies, including Google, offer the ability to edit, save and share Office files on the iPad and other devices, filling a big gap left by Microsoft’s reluctance to release a version of Office for either iOS or Android. Office is available on Windows RT and WIndows 8 tablets.

Alan Masarek, former CEO and founder of Quickoffice, will be speaking at the Tablet Strategy conference April 30 in New York. He is currently Director of Chrome and Apps at Google. 


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