Google chairman Eric Schmidt thinks tablets are key to the future of magazines

October 24, 2013
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Schmidt was speaking to Wired editor Scott Dadich at the Magazine Publishers Association conference on Wednesday,  where he talked up the possibilities with tablet magazines.

"Tablets are now more popular than PCs," he said. "You can read it, it knows where you are, it has an accelerometer. There are all sorts of stuff [publishers] can do in tablet magazines [that they] couldn't do in print magazines."

Looking further forward, the Google exec said that he could envision a time by 2018 in which “powerful, tablet-looking things” come to replace “traditional media” and where “incredibly immersive” tablet apps would be able to leverage the reader’s location data and social graphs to make the reading experience more interactive.

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Schmidt has been in the spotlight a lot lately. He admitted that he was surprised by the demand for tablets in enterprise but also attracted some criticism after arguing that Android is ‘more secure than iPhone’.

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