Google closes on Apple with 700,000 Android apps, continues drive for better tablet apps

October 31, 2012

At the last time of counting, Google said that there were some 675,000 Android apps on Google Play, but that figure seems to have risen again in recent times with Bloomberg now reporting the number to be ‘about’ 700,000.

This puts Google (and Android) much closer to Apple, which reported last month that it has 750,000 iOS apps on iTunes (including 250,000 iPad specific apps).

And while many will be surprised by this news, Google chairman Eric Schmidt certainly won’t have been, having predicted back at LeWeb 2011 that Android apps will eventually overtake iOS in sheer quantity.

Meanwhile, just as this news went live, Google maintained its push for better tablet apps by urging software developers to "think more and more about great tablet experiences".

“We’d like developers to think more and more about great tablet experiences,” Robert Hamilton, product manager in Google’s mobile team, told The Guardian. “There’s a lot of really good Android tablets out there now.”

This led Hamilton to promote both the new Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 tablets, with the Google exec adding that an increasing number of “smart” Android developers are now “rethinking” their apps for the tablet.

Such public appeal follows a similar call from Google last month for developers to build better Android tablet apps.

Google has good reason to continue with this appeal, with a recent study from Evans Data indicating that an increasing number of mobile developers are opting for Android and not iOS when making tablet applications.


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