Google enters the BYOD, enterprise mobility management space with Divide acquisition

May 20, 2014
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Google acquired Enterproid, publisher of the Divide app, for an undisclosed amount on Monday. The company is joining the Android team at Google.

Divide allows users of Android and iOS devices to separate work-related content from personal content. Designed first and foremost for a BYOD environment, it creates on the device a corporate-data container which is linked to a cloud-based management hub.

The app is offered free to install and to use, with many features included. Additional features for IT departments, like remote management, fleet management and enterprise app deployment, are available to organizations for $60 per user per year.

While the app is available on both Android and iOS platforms, the number of user reviews is ten times larger for the Android version, suggesting that it is far more popular than the iOS one.

Enterproid reassured its iOS users that the iOS app will continue to work.

The four year old company was founded in New York by ex-Morgan Stanley IT executives. It has raised $25 million in funding. Shareholders included venture capital arms of Qualcomm, Comcast as well as Google Ventures, which recently led a $12-million round.


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