Google exec slams the quality of Android tablets

July 29, 2013
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When speaking to The Verge over the weekend, Barra lamented that there are so few high-quality Android tablets available on the market.

“If you look at the execution that HTC did on [the One smartphone], it’s pristine. Why hasn’t someone done that on the tablet? Or on like ten tablets?

“I really do think that the Android ecosystem hasn’t yet put its best foot forward, when it comes to tablets,” he added, attributing this in part to low Android tablet prices.

Barra also tacked the suggestion that Google Play lacks the quality and quantity when it comes to competing with Apple’s App Store for tablet apps by stressing that he expects this to change going forward.

“The absolute position that we’re in is one where well over 60 percent of the apps that you’d expect in a given category are already available with a decent tablet UI.”

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