Google’s Nexus 10 is $100 less than the iPad and has some advantages

November 3, 2012

For one thing, as reviewer Larry Magid notes in Forbes, the Nexus 10 is lighter, a bit thinner and even has a higher resolution display than the iPad’s vaunted Retina display.

And at a starting price of $399 for the 16GB model, the Nexus 10 is priced $100 less than the equivalent iPad. (The older iPad 2 is also priced at $399).

Tablet apps? Google recently announced its Google Play online store now boasts over 700,000 apps, but it doesn't break out those specifically designed for tablets and most of them were written for smartphones. With over 275,000 apps written specifically for the iPad, Apple's tablet beats the Nexus handily. 

But as Magid correctly points out, the number of apps is only important if you can’t find the apps you want or need. 

While Apple’s been developing iOS longer than Google’s been working on Android, Magid says there’s an argument to be made the latest Jelly Bean version of Android (4.2) that drives the Nexus 10 is on par with iOS 6. 

One clear edge that goes to the iPad, Google has yet to release a Nexus 10 with optional cellular connectivity (it’s Wi-Fi only), while Apple offers Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi with optional cellular models. 


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