Google Now could be heading to Apple’s iPad pretty soon

March 13, 2013

Engadget was recently made aware of what appeared to be a promotional video for Google Now for iPad and iPhone, only for the video to be quickly taken down from YouTube.

The tech blog said that the video itself looked authentic as it used the same voice actress that was used for the original Google Now advert. Even the style of the advert seemed to bear more than a passing resemblance than the original commercial.

Google launched Google Now for Android 4.1 at Google's I/O developer conference last June, and the voice assistant app has since won high praise for predicting things that you will like, such as directions home, upcoming flight details and the latest sports scores.

Google has previously confirmed that the app, which comes pre-loaded on the Nexus 7, will be coming to Apple’s iOS devices.

Apple’s own voice recognition software, Siri, launched first on the iPhone 4S when it was released in October 2011 but has since come to third-generation and above iPads on the roll-out of iOS 6.0 in September last year. 


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