Google Play store update promises to expose more tablet apps

October 11, 2013

For a long time the Google Play store didn’t distinguish between smartphone and tablet apps. But earlier this year the search giant launched a “designed for tablets” campaign that gave developers better guidelines for developing apps for tablets.

Also, Google began offering a “designed for tablets” section in the Google Play store making it easier for users to find those apps. By contrast, Apple has long established guidelines for iPad apps and has, by a wide margin the most tablet apps at over 750,000.

Starting November 21 Google says several changes to Google Play will make tablet apps more accessible.

First, if you’re browsing Google Play with a tablet you’ll see top lists for apps and games designed for tablets by default (Top Paid, Top Free, Top Grossing, Top New Paid, Top New Free, and Trending). You will also be able to switch the view to see all apps or games including those designed for smartphones.

But to make it even clearer, Google says when you are browsing the Play store with your tablet it will also mark apps and games that do not meet its “designed for tablets” criteria as “designed for phones.”

Back in April Google posted a series of  tablet optimization tips to help developers make sure their apps were optimized for tablets. 

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