Google pushes to close tablet app gap versus iPad

April 25, 2013
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Although hundreds of thousands of apps in the Google Play store will run on tablets, Google has not been as proactive as Apple in helping developers optimize them specifically for tablets.

Just yesterday, during an earnings call with analysts, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted Apple has now optimized over 350,000 apps for the iPad versus only "a few hundred" by the competition (primarily Android), though he didn't mention Google's OS by name.

Last week Google updated its guidelines for making tablet apps and added the ability to upload tablet screenshots that are shown preferentially in Google Play to tablet users. 

Today’s announcement covered a new Optimization Tips page in the Google Play Developer Console designed to let developers quickly see how their app is doing against the search giant’s basic guidelines for tablet app distribution and quality.

Google may well have more to say about tablet apps at this year’s Google I/O conference in San Francisco May 15-17. In past years, Google has used the conference to launch new tablets, as well as other devices, and preview updates and new versions of Android.

Developing for tablets and issues such as increasing discoverability on app stores will be a major focus of the first Tablet Ecosystem conference September 12 (also in San Francisco).


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