Google to sell unlocked version of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 for $649

May 15, 2013

San Francisco – There was a palpable buzz in the hall of thousands of developers here at Google I/O when the search giant announced it would sell an unlocked version of Samsung’s sexy new smartphone the Galaxy S4. 

With it’s 5-inch display and raft of features, the S4 is sometimes called a phablet because the large mobile touchscreen let’s you use it, to a degree, like a mini-tablet.

There were plenty of oohs and ahhs as Google’s Hugo Barra showed off its version of the Galaxy S4 with a slick, custom Android home screen.

“It’s Google’s take on Android and it’s awesome,” said Barra.

More good news, Barra said users can count on always getting “promptly” updated to the latest version of Android as new ones become available. Better still for the developer crowd and those looking to tinker with new apps on the device, Google’s S4 will be unlocked. 

The bad news? You could hear a pin drop in the hall when Barra announced the smartphone will sell for a whopping $649 when it becomes available June 28 at the Google Play store.

Google’s Galaxy S4 is a 16GB LTE version that works on T-Mobile and AT&T’s network. 


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