Google shows advanced 3D tablet, Project Tango at Google I/O

June 26, 2014
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While you can’t buy it yet, Google researchers showed a prototype of a 7-inch 3D tablet it’s developing with the help with the help of outside hardware vendors and universities.

The device is one of 11 projects under development as part of the company’s so-called Project Tango designed to work with a “global web of partners” on advanced technology.

“Project Tango is an effort to try and give devices a human scale understanding of space and motion,” said Regina Dugan, VP for Engineering, Advanced Technology and Products at Google at the company's Google I/O conference today.

“The idea is to build cutting edge products in two years or less. “No one comes to build a career, you come to build something,” said Dugan.

Johnny Lee, the Technical Program Lead behind the 3D tablet, announced that LG has committed to building a consumer version of the 3D tablet next year.

In the demo, he showed how you could walk through rooms in a house or a building recording all the spatial details in real time using the tablet sensors.

“When you are in a seat you understand the size of the room and the orientation of the person next to you,” said Lee. “Our phones, tablets and laptops have no understanding of those kinds of spatial relationships and why they are so important to each other.”

Lee mentioned the potential for home and interior design apps (Autodesk is Project Tango partner) and a new generation of 3D games. 


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