Google takes Currents worldwide, improves syncing feature

April 12, 2012

Version 1.1 allows users around the world to be able to download Currents though Google Play or the iTunes App Store, while the expanding coverage also enables these users to add their favorite local blogs to their Currents reading list, including The Guardian in the UK, LaStampa in Italy, Financial Times Deutschland in Germany, and ABC News in Australia.

That is not all in terms of changes however, with Google now incorporating Google Translate into the app so that readers can translate any edition into one of the 38 supported languages, and adding enhanced content syncing so content can be updated on a more regular basis. Furthermore, Google Currents now enables readers to make editions available for offline reading.

Google Currents launched in the US and Canada in December, but faces some competition in a news-aggregating space crowded by the likes of Flipboard, Pulse, Yahoo Livestand, Zite, Ongo, AOL Editions and Hitpad.


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