Google updates Analytics, now features breakout by Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

March 28, 2013
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Among the changes is a new capability to let you see in real-time which type of computer visitors to a website are using.

The real-time Google Analytics Content report now breaks out by Desktop, Tablet or Mobile the percentage of people visiting your website.

Other changes include a Shortcuts feature that lets you jump directly to see data about a segment of the website’s visitors rather than having to set up a filter each time.

Realtime Events Report lets you see the top events as they occur but also filter on particular event categories (and actions).

The fourth change is a new ability to compare real-time data to overall data on the website’s traffic.

“This is nifty if you want to see quick comparison trends,” Google said in a blog post announcing the changes. “For example, many times, after a G+ post, I create a filter by device type of “Mobile” and can see that the mobile traffic picks up much faster and also contributes more to the initial increase in pageviews." 


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