‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ just hit iOS overnight

December 12, 2013
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San Andreas was the third and final Grand Theft Auto game of the PS2 era, and it was the biggest and grandest in the series yet when it originally launched in 2004. The iOS version delivers the entire game to mobile devices, a feat that many would have once thought impossible, given the game's scope.

GTA: San Andreas is compatible with all versions of the iPad since the iPad 2 and every iPad mini so far released, not to mention the 5th-gen iPod Touch and the iPhone 4S and up. But given the size of the game it's almost certainly best experienced on tablets. It's hard to imagine all those gang wars, drive-bys and fly-overs on a tiny screen the size of a phone, isn't it?

San Andreas on iOS features enhanced graphics, cloud saves, an updated checkpoint system, customizable controls, and more new features. It will also arrive "soon" on select Android, Amazon Kindle, and Windows Phone devices, according to Rockstar.

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