GroupLogic’s activEcho aims to solve dreaded ‘Dropbox problem’

March 13, 2012

The market for corporate file-sharing continues to heat up. Today, GroupLogic announced the release of activEcho, a secure file-sharing solution aimed specifically at enterprise clients.

GroupLogic VP Anders Lofgren and CTO Derick Naef gave TabTimes a walkthrough of the new product, which offers offers IT administrators and end users the ability to securely share and collaborate on files, both internally and externally, across multiple devices.

“Since 2010, we’ve been hearing how IT departments need a solution to the Dropbox problem,” said GroupLogic VP Anders Logren, in reference to the security concerns corporate IT has expressed around Dropbox’s consumer-oriented cloud-based storage.

“We wanted a way to keep IT in control for maximum security, compliance, and maximum management,” Lofgren told TabTimes. “But we also wanted it to be easy for consumers to use.”

To this end, activEcho will incorporate numerous security settings, including blacklists and whitelists, extensive tracking, and remote file locking/wiping. Provisioning, security, and other controls can be quickly implemented via a web interface. AES-128 and AES-256 encryption are supported.

From the end user perspective, the experience allows rapid access to files, detailed versioning, and the ability for users to set notifications around specific files that will alert them when changes are made.

activEcho offers on-premise file sharing

For companies in highly regulated industries, such as government and financial services, one appealing aspect of activEcho will probably be the option to configure the solution to run on-premise.

“Of the 50 companies who tested the program, all but one are running it on-premise on their own servers,” said Anders Logren.

Companies that prefer to keep their data in the cloud can still do so however, via Amazon or another provider.

Pricing will be quoted on a per-user basis, and Logren estimates that, for a 500-person company, the price would be around $55 per user per year.

With over 7,000 existing customers of its other products, GroupLogic will have a solid headstart in terms of reaching out to corporate customers.

In mid-February, the company announced a 3.5 update to its mobilEcho software suite, which provides secure file access across multiple platforms. On the iPad and other mobile devices, the mobilEcho app is used to view content shared via activEcho.

For now, non-iOS clients can view and share content in any web browser, but Logren says that activEcho will have Android support in Q2 2012.

Companies interested in downloading a free trial or requesting pricing can click here


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