Groupon’s Breadcrumb will stick with iPad for POS – for now [video]

December 28, 2012
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Seth Harris, the founder of Breadcrumb, has some very definite opinions about why his company (bought by online deal king Groupon) is sticking with iPad. Just last week, Breadcrumb updated its iPad app to version 1.2, offering a simpler sign-in and faster and easier-to-use features.

For one thing, “no customer has come to me and said,’Seth you know what, Breadcrumb’s really cool, but your problem is you’re not built on an Android tablet’,” Harris said during an onstage interview at the recent TabletBiz conference.

But never say never. In the video clip below, Harris explains why Breadcrumb is looking at both Android and Windows 8 alternatives, and what it will take to expand the number of tablet brands it develops for. 

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