UK dev Rebellion ‘loves’ that barriers between Windows 8 and Windows Phone are falling

February 25, 2014

Rebellion has games like Guns 4 Hire, Judge Dredd vs. Zombies, and Zombie HQ on Microsoft's mobile and tablet platforms, and Senior Producer James Valls told Pocket Gamer that the lack of barriers between the two ecosystems is a big factor in the company's success.

"Developing for the Windows platforms also allows us to reach people using Windows 8 desktops and laptops, which is a considerable audience," he said. "We love that Microsoft is working to bridge the mobile-desktop divide. When we can remove that barrier, we can incentivise people to engage with games, since they will begin to understand that they can start on one device and carry on where they left off at home, on another – rather than playing as a 'quick fix' on the commute."

Valls also touched on how Rebellion markets its games and how it determines what the in-app purchases in its free-to-play games will look like.

"We have experimented with different business models, and we picked a model to support our desired user experience," he said. "We learned that to convert a user from free to paid, they have to feel that In App Purchase has value. That involves getting over the 'chasm' of making a first purchase, and the entire experience has to be easy. We offer gamers something valuable at a low introductory price. We're not the first developer to discover that once a user has bought one IAP, they are more likely to buy more in the future."

Rebellion's games may be among the best games on Windows tablets, and that probably helps as well. It's not like Rebellion is only releasing on Windows—its games come out on other platforms as well—but it is interesting to hear that developers can find success on Windows 8 and Windows Phone despite the domination of iOS and Android.


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