Haiku Deck improves iPad presentations with handy remote control app on the iPhone

February 13, 2014
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Now you can download presentations you’ve created (or Haiku Decks, as the company calls them) to your iPhone for a more portable presentation device. The iPhone can now also be used as a remote control for Haiku Deck presentations on the iPad or larger screens.

Another clever add for presenters is the new ability to use the iPhone as a kind of teleprompter showing notes connected to your presentation that only you can see.

Currently you can’t create Haiku Decks on the iPhone but the company’s founder and CEO Adam Tratt tells TabTimes that that’s the next logical feature for the product. 

Tratt says he started Haiku Deck because he saw an opportunity with the release of the iPad to do something different in the presentation space.

“Presentations haven’t really evolved in the past twenty years of PowerPoint,” he said. “The business user with a great story, still faces the pain point of not being able to make it look as good as it sounds.”

Haiku Deck borrows the concept of Haiku poetry in that it limits the number of words you can have on a slide to kind of force the issue of making your points simple and direct.

“It’s like what Twitter is to a blog,” says Tratt. The app can also find relevant  images that are free under a Creative Commons license and automatically pull in the proper attribution.

While the app and these images are free, Haiku Deck charges for additional premium images available from Getty images.

Tratt says Haiku Deck is just about to pass a million downloads. He points to Evernote as a model for how the company expects to scale by keeping the core product free and offering premium services.

“There are a host of features we haven’t implemented yet. We have some cool ideas I think are game changers," he says. 

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