HALL Wines uses 20 Revel iPad POS systems designed specifically for wineries

April 2, 2014
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Early customer HALL Wines and its Napa Valley Hall winery in St. Helena, California, has deployed  20 iPads across several acres that let customers find out about the wines and order them for shipping anywhere in the U.S.

The shipping issue is no trivial matter as there are strict regulations related to shipping alcohol from one state to the next. About half of states allow wineries to ship directly to consumers, while others require shipment to a distributor. Revel Systems’s solution integrates with ShipCompliant, a web application for managing shipping compliance that also checks and automatically populates state shipping and tax reports.

“As a winery, we have very specific requirements for shipping and liquor laws,” said Jeff Zappelli, director of membership at HALL and WALT Wines. “Additionally we need to offer our members and guests full visibility of their accounts whether they are at home, or here in wine country.”

He says the Revel Systems iPad-based solution does just that having “integrated the appropriate specifications into its point-of-sale solution, giving us a better tool to enhance the experience while also running our winery successfully.”

This integration enables wineries to enter a customer’s shipping address and receive immediate notification of whether they can ship to that location. ShipCompliant pulls information such as address type and location, and analyzes laws specific to that state to determine whether or not the shipment can be sent to that location.

The Revel platform is also designed so HALL Wines employees can use it to check inventory and other crucial data from the field, without needing an Internet connection. Winery guests can also place orders from a vineyard tour or at an event. The system also gives wine educators instant access to information on tastings, so they can immediately tell a guest more about the wine he or she is trying.

Revel says it expects other wineries to see the advantages of a mobile, tablet-based solution. 

“A winery’s operation is significantly more complicated than that of your average retail establishment,” said Chris Ciabarra, CTO and co-founder of Revel Systems.

“Revel’s engineers worked to create an iPad POS platform for wineries that’s both efficient and state shipping law compliant. Combined, Napa and Sonoma have over 700 wineries. As an iPad POS platform, we see this as a huge opportunity to make an impact on the viticulture industry.” 

Revel's other customers include grocery and retail chains. It's biggest deployment to date was a deal announced last year to outfit the Alabama State University stadium with Revel POS equipment.


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