Handy BakBone magnetic ring accessory secures your iPad for presentations & one-handed viewing

November 26, 2013
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Or maybe you’re a doctor who needs to show a patient some test results.

But grabbing the iPad by its side or holding it with one hand in general can be tricky because it can easily slip out and fall.

Enter the BakBone Tablet Ring (which can also be used with non-Apple tablets).

The magnetic accessory securely adheres to the back of a tablet or a hard case or cover. You can then insert a finger through the removable ring and hold the iPad with the full spread of your hand to support it from any position.

The BakBone’s inventor, Dr. Paul Webber, created it for clinical environments where it can be used, for example, by doctors at bedside to show patients their chart.

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Now he sees bigger opportunities. “It’s ergonomic, sanitary, and even customizable,” says Webber. 

Other potential uses include almost any environment where you might need to use the iPad with one hand. Examples include teachers in the classroom; architects and engineers needing to review plans at a work site; inventory control where you check inventory levels and still have a free hand for data entry. 

The company even argues the BakBone can help with formal presentations because instead of a presenter’s hands and eyes focused on the iPad, it can become part of their body language.

Prices start at $29.95 and BakBone also offers customization options if, for example, you want to add your company logo. 


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