Hawaiian Airlines to deploy 1,500 iPad minis on 14 planes for in-flight entertainment

August 30, 2013
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The move, which will see contractor Blue Avionics install the iPad minis to be used for in-flight entertainment, will enable business class passengers to stream movies and TV shows for free on the Apple tablet, although economy flyers will also be able to hire the tablets for $17 ($15 if pre-booked).

The airline, the first in the U.S. to offer iPads for in-flight entertainment, is one of many now using tablets up in the skies.

Over the last year, American Airlines, British Airways and Qatar Airways have all deployed iPads to be used by cabin crew and even pilots, while Emirates opted for Dell’s Windows 8 tablets to improve the in-flight experience.

Spain’s largest carrier, Iberia Airlines, has been using Panasonic’s ruggedized tablets for an assortment of functions, including aircraft maintenance.

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