Higher margins, increasing revenues tempt devs to make apps for business

November 16, 2011

The survey comes from Partnerpedia, a provider of mobile app management, and was based around the firm’s Community members. It found that over 80% of the 200+ respondents already have, or plan to, offer mobile app solutions to business customers.

Respondents cited the over-crowded consumer market and higher margins in business apps as the reasons for moving over, and 28% of respondents expect their mobile business to grow over 50% in the next three years. Another one-third believes they will experience a growth of between 25% and 30%.

Unsurprisingly, given its open-source nature, Android led the way in terms of development, with 82.5% of respondents selecting the OS, followed by Apple’s iOS with 78%. Windows captured 51.5% of the interest, while Blackberry claimed just 39%.

Almost three-quarters (73.3%) of respondents plan to sell apps via their corporate website, but also admitted to selling through Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Marketplace.

However, despite the clamour for making mobile app solutions, the report did note some significant challenges. Over 50% indicated a challenge in engineering resources for app development, while marketing and sales were also mentioned, as developers vie for the attention of business buyers.

“The survey results clearly show that there is great interest in the industry to offer mobile app services and solutions”, said Sam Liu, vice president of Marketing at Partnerpedia.

“This is in-line with the fact that many enterprise IT organizations we work with indicate the need for help with their enterprise mobile application efforts”.

Mobile developers are invited to join the free Partnerpedia Community at http://community.partnerpedia.com.


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