Hightail file-sharing service latest to join Samsung Solutions Exchange for mobility security

March 13, 2014

Both Samsung app stores are designed to offer business users security and productivity-oriented apps for Samsung’s growing number of smartphones and tablets.

Hightail’s file-sharing service joins a list of apps Samsung has deemed KNOX-certified and therefore has met a set of IT-stringent security criteria Samsung requires. Hightail is now also compatible with the Samsung S Pen which can be used for adding notes and sketches to files and signing documents.

The Hightail file sharing services includes a suite of tracking and control features that give users the option to easily add extra protections when sharing a file/folder. These options include passwords, expiration dates and identity confirmation.

While cloud-based file sharing and cloud computing has grown in popularity, particularly at the consumer level, security concerns have kept some enterprises from adopting it comprehensively if at all.
“Security concerns are the most prominent reason for the lack of cloud adoption in the enterprise world,” said Hightail Senior VP of Business Development, Eric van Miltenburg. “Our membership in the Solutions Exchange and shortly Samsung KNOX Marketplace allows us to respond to the demand for secure mobile solutions through our combined capabilities.”

(Security and the management of tablets will be the focus of a key session at the Tablet Strategy conference coming to New York on May 6) 


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