Holiday shoppers gladly use tablets to help with their gift buying, unless ….

November 19, 2013

But a new survey shows some sites will fare better than others.

A Harris Interactive survey of of 1,323 smartphone and tablet users found that a majority of tablet users (56%) said they will use the device to search for or buy gifts.

Smartphones fared almost as well at 49%.

The poll was commissioned by Compuware, which specializes in website monitoring and performance tools.

Consumers 18-34, a group Compuware identifies as the Mobile Generation, are more likely to purchase products via their mobile device with 66% saying they will make holiday purchases using their mobile device. Also, 53% said they would be making more  purchases via mobile than a year ago.

Hurry up and wait won't work

But however popular mobile devices have become, there is one thing that will gum up the works for any ecommerce site – a slow response time. More than a third (37%) of respondents said they would abandon a shopping site if it doesn’t load in three seconds or less.

The 'mobile generation’ is a bit more impatient with 40% of those saying response time has to be 3 seconds or less.

The impact of a disappointed consumer can also have a ripple effect. The survey found that 29% of those who leave a site because of slow response time (and 40% of the mobile generation) will complain about the website or app on a social media network. 

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