How doctors, salespeople tap iPad mini’s key advantage

January 28, 2013
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The big surprise is in hospitals where the iPad mini’s 7.87-inch length fits just fine, unlike a standard iPad, in the 8.5-inch-deep pocket of a standard medical lab coat.

Dr. Stephen Ferzoco, chief medical officer at Mobiquity Inc., says he thinks doctors will be drawn to the mini because the bigger iPad is too cumbersome. 

“From a form factor standpoint, doctors can now carry the mini device around in their coat pockets,” Ferzoco told Macworld. “This effectively means that their electronic medical records, order entry, reference materials, and imaging capabilities are within arm's reach at all times.”

Surprise, it's an iPad

The iPad mini might also prove a hit for making presentations if more salespeople take the view of Cameron Yuill, founder of AdGent Digital, a company that offers advertising on mobile platforms.

Yuill  says he keeps the iPad mini in his pocket till he’s ready to present and – voila! 

“I pull it out and people are quite astounded,” Yuill told Macworld. “We’re in the business, so we’re promoting the usage as much as we can.”


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