How tablets can help increase your sales

February 25, 2014
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A tablet is a great way to present lively sales material on the spot, in any situation, while engaging with a prospect.

But just showing a nice presentation is only the beginning. Tablets have many more important advantages for the sales and marketing departments in any organization, including:

  • Management of sales material can be centralized.
  • Material is always up-to-date.
  • Salespeople can enter into the CRM information about prospects right when they they are meeting them.
  • Sales managers can more effectively track the performance of individual salespeople.
  • Marketing teams can learn how and when sales collateral is used and gain insights into its effectiveness.

The key to unlock tablets’ true potential for sales is to use a mobile sales enablement app.

The sales experts at Showpad have put together a short whitepaper (about a 5-minute read) that details how tablets, equipped with a well-designed sales enablement app, can help sales people in the field, their managers at the office and the marketing team that supports them. It is available for free here.


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