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How to close apps on iPad

We want to help you take control of your experience on your Apple iOS powered tablet. This is how to close apps on IPad.
avatarby Jonathan Feist4 days ago0 comments

How to delete apps on iPad

With so many apps available for install on your Apple tablet, there comes a time you will need to uninstall a few. Here is how to delete apps on iPad.
avatarby Jonathan Feist4 days ago0 comments

How to Update Your iPad

Firmware updates bring new features and Apple's iOS is no different, with major iOS updates released every year. How do you update your iPad though? Let's find out!
avatarby Patrick Hearn1 week ago0 comments

How to take a screenshot on an iPad

Join us for a moment to learn how to take a screenshot on an iPad. It is super simple and it works for all current generation iPads, including the iPad Air and iPad Mini. (Updated February 2016.)
avatarby Jonathan Feist4 weeks ago0 comments

How to Use an iPad for Dummies — A Beginner’s Guide

Lots of people have an iPad but many users struggle while learning how to use it. If that's you, look no further: here's our beginners guide to using your iPad.
avatarby Patrick Hearn4 weeks ago0 comments

How to Repair Your Cracked iPad Screen

iPads are fantastic but they're not built to deal with every day life so what happens when disaster strikes? Here's how to repair your cracked iPad screen.
avatarby Patrick HearnJuly 30, 20160 comments

Apple iPad warranties explained

We break down the most important things there are to know regarding Apple's iPad One Year Limited Service Warranty.
avatarby Nick Jonathan GandioncoJuly 16, 20163 comments
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