Report: Email is the most popular use of tablets in the work place

February 14, 2012

NPD-In-Stat’s latest study breaks down the most popular uses for tablets in the workplace and found a clear winner, email.

“Email is by far the most dominant tablet application for business users,” said Frank Dickson, NPD’s VP of mobile research, in a release. “However, when you dig into the data, you find a plethora of strong niche uses arising. When business tablet users are asked to list ALL the applications they use, note taking, for example, is listed as the second most popular application.” 

But here’s another interesting wrinkle. When survey respondents are asked to only select their most important uses, note taking is at the bottom of that list. In addition to email, other uses listed as “most important” include customer relationship management and IT network intelligence. 

Other notable bullet points:    

* Less than half of respondents felt they were allowed to connect to the corporate network

* The current dynamic is that users are bringing their own tablets into the workplace.

* Only 22% of owners in our survey had their tablets paid for by their companies.

* There is a high correlation between the usage of 3G on tablets and the frequency of business travel. 

NPD said its The Business of Tablets: Tablet Usage in U.S. Business report is based on a survey of the company’s Technology Adoption Panel (TAP) made up of  approximately 18,000 technology users and decision makers of which 905 respondents participated for this particular survey. 



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