Listen to your news with Flipboard

by Ray Aguilera

May 31 2012

Flipboard turns your social feeds and interests into a personal magazine. Here's how to use Flipboard's new audio features to listen to news and music.

Flipboard has long been a favorite way to browse news, RSS feeds and links posted to social networks. Enter your account details, set up some favorite sites and topics, and Flipboard builds a stunning, personalized "magazine" curated by you (with a little help from your friends). 

Flipboard's latest update adds audio to the mix, so now you can find and listen to great podcasts, as well as hearing tunes from your favorite artists on Soundcloud. Here's how to find and add audio to your Flipboard.

From Flipboard's main screen, click on the Search icon in the top right corner. You'll see a curated list of audio sources, everything from New York's DFA Records, to The Economist, to NPR's Fresh Air. There's even a "Popular in Audio" channel, so you can quickly jump to what's popular with other Flipboard users.

To listen, tap one of the sources, and choose from the available audio tracks. Tap the Play button, and Flipboard will begin streaming audio. From there, you can browse through Flipboard, and your audio will continue to stream in the background. 

While audio is playing, tapping the musical note icon in the bottom left of the screen will pop up playback controls. From that pane, you can also send audio to any AirPlay devices available on your network.

In addition to Flipboard's curated audio, you can connect Flipboard to your SoundCloud account, and listen to tracks from your favorites on SoundCloud.

Ray Aguilera is the Technology Editor of TabTimes, and is based in San Francisco.

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