Tablet Tips: Repairing a broken iPad

by Seamus Bellamy

June 18 2012

Also: Stay connected no matter where you roam, tips for better teleconferencing, and emptying iOS folders fast.

No matter how careful you are with your tablet, things happen. They get knocked around in bags, have liquids splashed on them, and—heaven forbid—dropped. And those beautiful screens are often the first to suffer damage. In most cases, life-related mishaps simply aren’t covered under Apple’s standard or extended warranty plans. That said, handy types needn’t give up on their iPad just because Cupertino has. Believe it or not, you can often repair or replace a damaged part yourself.

iFixit's combination of straightforward troubleshooting and installation guides, along with their supply of  spare parts, makes them an indispensable last-resort resource. One of our favorites is iFixit’s guide on how to install an iPad front panel assembly. With a few tools, some patience, and a bit of nerve, most anyone can follow the steps laid out in the site’s excellent guide. If your iPad is already damaged, why not give iFixit a try? After all, broken is broken—the worst that can happen is that your iPad still won’t be working.

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