Get Google Drive on your iPad now

by Ray Aguilera

May 14 2012

When it comes to Google Drive, Android users have it easy. The Google Drive app is already in the Play Store. But that doesn't mean iPad users are left out. Here's how to get Google Drive on your iPad today.

After years of speculation, Google has finally flipped the switch on Google Drive. It's essentially a fleshed-out version of Google Docs, with added functionality including syncing to mobile devices and desktop computers. But there is a catch. Android users can find Google Drive in the Google Play store now, but iPad users are still waiting for an official release.

Fortunately, there are already apps available for iOS that connect with Google Docs, and they should continue to work with Google Drive. One of the best is GoodReader, an excellent PDF reader which can tap into your Google Drive.

To connect to your Google Drive account in GoodReader, tap Connect to Servers. In the popup menu, select Google Docs and enter your username and password. From here, you can also enter a name to identify this connection.

Accessing your data in Google Drive is simply a matter of tapping the new server you added, and selecting a document you want to view. You can download documents to your iPad, and use GoodReader to view them, or choose to open them in another app like Pages or Numbers for editing.

Unfortunately, connecting to Google Drive like this is a one-way street. You won't be able to do live edits. You'll have to sync edited documents back to Google manually, but until Google Drive finds its way into the App Store, this method is quick, and fairly painless.

Ray Aguilera is the Technology Editor of TabTimes, and is based in San Francisco.

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  • Jackson_s
    2 years 6 months ago

    Getting Google drive on iPad is great but will this tool allow me to just view the cell which are required (while using Google docs).?? It's a tedious process to view the entire sheet in iPhone o iPad. R der any productive apps which would just allow me to view the cells which are required???

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