HP aims at corporate market with new X2 Pro 612 hybrid tablet/laptop

June 5, 2014
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Like the Surface Pro 3, the new HP X2 Pro 612 is a 12-inch tablet which runs on an Intel Core chip and  is designed to be used, most of the time, with a detachable keyboard. This makes it a hybrid “2-in-1”–which seems to be the form factor of choice for Windows devices lately.

The X2 Pro 612 won’t impress by being thin and light. The tablet itself weighs a reasonable 910 grams, compared to 800 for the Surface Pro 3. When you add in the standard keyboard dock, though, the total weight of about 4 pounds is twice the one of the Microsoft tablet.

But that keyboard is a clear sign that HP had work in mind when it designed the X2 Pro 612. It’s a sturdy, spill-resistant keyboard with backlit keys and it packs a battery supposed to power the device for up to 14 hours. It includes many ports, including VGA, DisplayPort, Ethernet, two USB 3.0 and an SD slot. With this keyboard, the device truly looks like a laptop.

A lighter travel keyboard will be offered as an alternative option. Acting as a case when closed, it features backlit keys, a USB 3.0 port, an audio jack, and kickstand, but no battery.

The tablet itself features a microSD slot, along with a slot for a pen — something which is missing from the Surface. It also has a fingerprint reader, which will be appreciated by some IT departments, as well as LTE broadband mobility.

The screen has a widescreen ratio, vs. the 3:2 ratio of the Surface Pro 3.

The device can be powered by a Celeron, a Pentium, a Core i3 or a Core i5. No Core i7 option, contrary to the Surface. Storage capacity starts at 64GB.

The X2 Pro 612 will be sold, with the keyboard dock, starting in September. No pricing has been announced yet.

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