HP to make webOS decision ‘in next two weeks’

December 1, 2011

The news comes despite HP announcing in August that the company would not offer any more products powered by the platform.

"We should announce our decision in the next two weeks," said Whitman, when speaking to the French newspaper. "This is not an easy decision, because we have a team of 600 people, which is in limbo. We need to have another operating system." 

WebOS has been the subject of a number of reports of late, with Amazon, IBM, Intel, Oracle, RIM, Samsung and Qualcomm just some of the companies rumoured to be on the long list of potential buyers.

WebOS originated from US software company, Palm, which was bought by HP for $1.2 billion in April 2010. Subsequently, the operating system was used to power a range of phones, as well as HP's short-lived (but highly rated) TouchPad tablet.

When speaking to Le Figaro, Whitman went on to suggest that the tablet is currently an 'additional purchase that does not encroach on the PC market'.


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